Cost Control During Construction

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Cost Control

Cost control in construction management is part art and part science. What separates PCI, Inc. from our peers is our mindset. We don’t just run construction drawings through a computer to determine cost. Instead, we spend time determining the best cost solutions, while understanding the potential cost risks associated with a project.

We deliver client-focused solutions aimed at problem solving and risk mitigation. Our philosophy: You can have the best data in the world, but if you don’t have the right people with the knowledge and expertise to interpret – and question – that data, then seek out alternative solutions, the data doesn’t mean a thing.

PCI, Inc. has provided cost estimating services on hundreds of projects, and we’re proud to report an average bid variance of +/- 3 percent. Our in-house database, combined with on-the-ground knowledge and relationships with local contractors and subcontractors, allow PCI, Inc.’s expert cost control teams to leverage and analyze data and the specific details of your project to deliver a timely and accurate results.

A lack of information going in is not an excuse for escalating costs throughout a construction project. Our years of managing projects combined with cost estimating roots going back to 1980 enable us to dive into the details in developing conceptual, programmatic, detail estimates and change order reviews. PCI’s cost estimates are comprehensive and all-inclusive, not only construction costs but design, equipment, furnishings, information technology, consultants, land, etc.

We outline precisely what is required to run pro-formas and project feasibility analysis allowing you to bring your vision to life – line item by line item. As changes are sometimes required: PCI maintains a current cost database allowing for quick and accurate change order cost reviews. Contractors who know their change orders are reviewed tend to provide reasonable pricing throughout the life of the project. Change happens – at PCI, we’ll see that the change does you good.

Our team will deliver the same quality solutions and serve our clients with the same dedication and commitment. The team of passionate professionals behind PCI – our expert cost, schedule, and construction management professionals – will still strive to minimize risk and promote peace of mind.


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