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What is Construction Management?

Construction management is a discipline uniquely tailored to the planning, design, and construction process of commercial real estate projects.

Agency construction management is a management process whereby the owner utilizes a construction manager as its principal agent to advise or manage the process over the life of the project, during specific phases of the project. The use of agency construction management, whether through an in-house resource to the owner or from a third-party firm–like PCI, has proven effective regardless of the chosen contract form or project delivery method.

Whether provided through owner staffing or third-party firm, the construction manager should be engaged as early in the project as possible to guide and assist the owner through all phases of delivering the project. In fact, the construction manager can be an invaluable source of advice and counsel to the owner when choosing the optimum delivery method for project. The construction manager may also act as the owner’s representative to the rest of the project team, being the point of contact for the designer, general contractor, sub-contractors and other specialty consultants engaged in the project by the owner.

Construction Manager

Contracting and compensation methods for professional services and construction services will generally fall into one of three categories: lump sum/fix prices, guaranteed maximum price, or reimbursable. These methods are not specific to any particular delivery method, and may be applied to contracting for professional services, such as design, engineering, and construction management, as well as contracting for construction services.

Procurement of professional and construction services will generally be accomplished in one of three methods: price based, qualification based, or a combination of both. Procurement may also involve a single project award for multiple project awards. Like contracting methods, these procurement methods are not specific to any particular delivery method.

Every construction project or program is unique, and for each, there is an optimum project delivery method. It requires expertise and experience to select the right delivery method for particular situation.

If you believe your construction project may be in the need of a construction manager then please give PCI a call at 801-262-9315 or email clint@pci1980.com.

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